1. 120W Induction Floodlight
    2. 120W Induction FloodlightThe 120W induction floodlight comes with separated electronic cabinet and light source. Independent installation ...
    1. Induction Tunnel Light
    2. Induction Tunnel LightThe induction tunnel light adopts extruded aluminum alloy outer housing and end cover. The surfaces are ...
    1. LED Street Light
    2. LED Street LightLED street light features unidirectional lighting. It has no light diffusion, so the luminous efficiency is ensured.
    1. LED Tube Light
    2. LED Tube LightOur LED tube light provides a better lighting effect than a conventional fluorescent light tube. It consumes 50% less ...

Induction Lamp, LED Light Manufacturer

Zhongshan Honglang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd is a Chinese manufacturer of high quality induction light and LED light. Founded in 2005, our company is fully committed to the development and manufacturing of energy efficient lights. We provide popular products such as high bay induction light, induction ceiling light, LED panel light, LED flood light, LED street light, and LED tube light. With a solid foundation built on LED and induction lamp technology, we strive to bring innovation into the industry with environmental friendly lights that are longer lasting and more reliable.