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  • 120W Street LED Light120W Street LED Light
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  • 120W Street LED Light120W Street LED Light

1. Our 120W street LED light comes with superior light distribution performance and won't cause light pollution. Due to our innovative optical system especially designed for street lights, the product offers the light spot in a rectangular shape so as to assure ideal street lighting effect and uniform light distribution. This eliminates the glare phenomenon commonly seen in conventional high power streetlights, and also maximizes the light energy utilization rate of the LED streetlamp.
2. The integrated heat sink and lamp house makes sure the high power LED streetlight has good heat dissipation and long service life. This makes the product flexible in external design. Meanwhile, Due to unique structure design, the rain water on heat sink can be easily drained off to assure constant reliable performance.
3. The fixture comes with thin structure, so it can effectively reduce its weight, and wind resistance. Thus, it can reduce the load on light pole, and increase safety factor when it is installed at a height.
4. Each module of our LED street light is intelligently controlled to assure continuous constant current in high precision, thus make sure the LED light sources can work at a safe current.
5. Due to high power LEDs and highly efficient power supply, the product can save up to 80% electricity as compared with conventional sodium lamps, and mercury lamps. Meanwhile, the light comes with super long lifespan over 50,000 hours. High quality LEDs, coupled with reliable encapsulation technology, fully guarantees the super long service life of our 120W street LED light.


Model No. Power Voltage Color Luminous Flux (lm) LED Brand CRI (Ra) Beam Angle Power Factor Installation hole diameter
HLD240 120W 110/220VAC 50/60Hz Warm white Natural white Cold white 12000 Epistar / Bridgelux ≥80 120 ° ≥0.9 45mm

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