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LED street light features unidirectional lighting. It has no light diffusion, so the luminous efficiency is ensured. The unique secondary optical design enables to the light to project the light into the desired area, which contributes to energy efficiency. The color rendering index of our LED streetlights is over 75, while that of high pressure sodium lamps is only about 23. Hence, it can better reproduce the color of objects.

Our LED street light has a long service life over 50000 hours, and we offer a three-year warranty. As compared with a high pressure sodium lamp and mercury lamp with the same brightness, the product, using LED chips with luminous flux over 100 lumens, requires lower power consumption but offers longer lifespan. In addition, the high quality elements used in the electrical circuits and power supply, as well as the over current protection for each LED, make sure the streetlight is reliable in performance and safe to use.


Holan Lighting is a specialized LED street light manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including LED flood light, tube in tube light, integrated induction lamp, LED high bay, and more.

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