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The linear high power LED wall washer uses LEDs as the light source, and can be used to generated light in different colors. It can change the lighting color during operation. To illustrate, it can project 16.7 million colors, and users can change the color conveniently through programming.
Meanwhile, the lamp housing is made of aluminum alloy to assure corrosion and water resistance. The front cover is made of 3mm thick toughened glass to assure good light transmitting performance.
Due to these, the high power LED wall washer provides an ideal decorative or highlight lighting solution for buildings, on stages, as well as in clubs, hotels, parks, plazas, galleries, and more.

Technical Specifications
Color: Single color and RGB full color
Voltage: DC24V
Constant Current: R/G/B 320mA, max current: 2A
Projection distance: 12-45 meters
Beam Angle: 8-120 degrees
Control Method: DMX512 controller optional
Life Span: > 100,000 hours

Model No. Color Light Source Power Luminous Voltage Protection GradeSize (LxWxH )
U18-RGB RGB 1 x 18 18W 924lm DC24V IP65 500 x 45 x 46mm
U36-RGB RGB 1 x 36 36W 1847lm DC24V IP65 1000 x 45 x 46mm

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