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The inserted LED lamp adopts ultra-bright LED as light source which features soft light, energy efficiency, less heat generation, and long lifespan. The optional light colors include natural white, warm white, and cold white. The aluminum alloy housing and the aluminum base plate are resistant to dusts, electrostatic charge, and current leakage. The product has advantages of easy installation, high luminous intensity, long projection distance, and lighting uniformity. Customization of input voltage and lamp base is available.

Our inserted LED lamp is commonly used for lighting in corridors, washing rooms, storerooms, hotels, bars, restaurants, entertainment places, supermarkets, offices, show rooms, gardens, engineering sites, parking lots, cafes, clubs, showcases, galleries, museums, exhibition rooms, etc.

Holan Lighting is a China-based inserted LED lamp manufacturer and supplier. Our company also provides LED light bulb, 200W street induction light, LED candle light, 200W industrial induction light, and more.

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