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The tube in tube light refers to a fluorescent tube replacement which adopts a new generation of rare earth three-primary-color phosphor powder to improve luminosity and reduce lumen loss. The Tube in Tube design provides a constant temperature environment for the light tube, contributing to the stable performance and long service life. The electronic ballast is installed internally, so the product can be used to replace a T8 fluorescent lamp to offer maximized luminous efficiency.

Designed with nano-reflection substance inside the tube, the tube in tube light increases the luminous brightness by 30 percents. It is now widely used for lighting in commercial buildings, supermarkets, classrooms, offices, parking lots, and metro stations.


Item No. HLT-60-12W HLT-90-16W HLT-120-18W HLT-120-22W HLT-150-32W
Power 12W 16W 18W 22W 32W
Length 2''/600mm 3''/900mm 4''/1200mm 4''/1200mm 5''/1500mm
Voltage 110/220VAC 110/220VAC 110/220VAC 110/220VAC 110/220VAC
Power factor 0.98 0.98 0.98 0.98 0.98
Luminous flux 780lm 1040lm 1170lm 1430lm 2080lm
CRI ≥82 ≥82 ≥82 ≥82 ≥82
CCT 2700/4200/6500k 2700/4200/6500k 2700/4200/6500k 2700/4200/6500k 2700/4200/6500k
Life 18000hr 18000hr 18000hr 18000hr 18000hr

Comparison with T8 fluorescent tube

Items Holan "tube in tube" lightT8 light tube Holan VS T8
Power18W 44W 59% lower
Current 0.08A 0.20A 60% less
Lumen397lux 337lux 18% brighter
Tube surface temperature31 ℃46.2 ℃Less heat generation
Power factor 0.989 0.545 80% higher efficiency
Flicker frequency 50,000-60,000Hz 50-60Hz 1,000 times higher
Lifespan18,000hrs 10,000hrs 8,000hrs longer

Installation Procedure

Remove the traditional tube

Remove the starter

Put the Honglang adapter in the fixture

Make sure you install the tube right

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