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The high bay induction light has its key components acquired from international famous companies. For instance, the electrolytic capacitor is from Rubycon, and Nippon Chemi-con, the Mosfet is from Fairchild, and the IC is from IR. This assures reliable performance and long service life.

Meanwhile, each of our induction lamps undergoes strict tests, including high and low temperature tests, high pressure test, continuous instantly on and off test, vibration test, long time aging test, and more. This further assures the product quality, and thus, clients can feel secure in purchasing our products.

Offering soft lighting, the high bay induction light won't cause glare, and is deal for indoor industrial lighting. Also, it offers uniform illumination, and is highly energy efficient. It can help save over 50% electricity energy. Due to unique housing design, the electrodeless high bay light has good heat dissipation performance and a lifespan of 5 years at least.

Currently, we can offer high bay electrodeless lights of 40W, 80W, 120W, 150W, 200W, 250W, and 300W. They feature high luminous efficacy, long lifetime, good color rendering, and stable output. Designed with high quality electronic ballast, they offer the minimum power factor up to 0.98 due to low power loss, and they also offer flickering free operation due to constant output. All our high bay induction lights can work as normal in an extremely low temperature of 25℃. Clients can choose an appropriate one according to their own demands.

Main Models
Our high bay induction lamps are available in five models that are HLG422, HLG443, HLG465, HLG469, and HLG475.
1. HLG422, HLG465, and HLG469 come with a newly designed round shaped housing on the top for protecting the electrical components inside, such as the ballast, PCB, etc. The die cast aluminum housing is coated with powder coating to assure beautiful appearance. The pure aluminum reflector is polished to assure higher light reflectivity, and undergoes surface oxidization to ensure better corrosion and wearing resistance. An aluminum hoop is available at the bottom of the fixture, so as to secure the bottom cover and the aluminum reflector. This, coupled with heat resistant silicon rubber seal ring, provides the product with improved vibration resistance and high temperature resistance.
2. HLG475 shares the same features as HLG422/465/469, except that it adopts an anodized reflector with diamond patterns on surface.
3. HLG443 high bay induction light adopts PC lamp housing. The ballast is integrated with the light. There is a cast aluminum heat sink between the light source and the electrical ballast, thus enhancing heat dissipation and heat insulation performances, as well as prolonging the service life of the electronic ballast. The transparent lamp housing can be additionally provided with an optional transparent bottom cover.

Our company is a professional high bay induction light manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a vast array of products, including induction wall light, LED tube light, LED street light, LED high bay, and more.

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