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The 150W induction floodlight is designed for advertisement board lighting, architectural lighting, as well as lighting for plazas, tennis courts, parking lots, and parks. To ensure convenient use in different countries, the light is designed to be compatible with 100VAC and 220VAC power supply. Its luminous efficacy is between 75lm/w and 80lm/w. With solid state mercury substance, it boasts little pollution to environment, and is an ideal eco-friendly lighting solution.


Item No. HLG625
Power 150W
Input voltage 110VAC / 220VAC
Input current 1.23A / 0.67A
Frequency 50 / 60Hz
Operation temperature -30 ~ +50℃
Power factor ≥ 0.98

Light Source Parameters

Wattage Luminous Flux (Lm) Efficiency (Lm/w) Color Temperature (K) CRI (Ra) Lumen Maintenance (2000H) (%) Life (H)
150W 12000 75~80 2700~6500 ≥ 80 ≥ 93 100,000

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