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Our induction lighting can save energy by over 50% compared with conventional lights. It has a super long service life of 100000 hours and a five-year warranty. It does not contain liquid mercury, causing no harm to the environment.

In order to assure quality, all our products undergo strict tests such as high pressure, high-and-low temperature, continuous instant switch, vibration, long-term aging tests, etc. and meanwhile, they use key electronic components from world famous companies. To illustrate, it uses electrolytic capacitor from Rubycon and Nippon Chemi-con, Mosfet tube from Fairchild, and IC from IR.

Induction lighting does not contain lamp filament and electrodes, so it is very safe to use and has long service life. In order to suit clients' demands in different occasions, we introduce different types of electrodeless lamps, including wall light, underground light, garden light, plant growing lamp, and tube light, to name a few.

Our company is an experienced induction lighting manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a wide range of products, including induction down light, 200W high bay LED light, 300*300 LED panel light, 30W LED flood light, and more.

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