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Our LED tube light provides a better lighting effect than a conventional fluorescent light tube. It consumes 50% less energy than traditional fluorescent lighting tube and 90% less than incandescent lamps. The luminous flux of an 18W LED tube is equivalent to a 40W fluorescent tube or a 150W incandescent lamp. In case of the same luminous flux, LED light has the effective illumination two times of traditional fluorescent light.

The LED lighting product adopts aluminum alloy and PC plastic components, containing no toxic substance such as mercury. The recoverability rate reaches over 98.5%. The power supply is isolated to ensure security. The aluminum outer housing is a good heat radiator, with the thermal conductivity several times of PC housing. The product features a long service life. It can work in -40℃~50℃.

1. The LED tube light can be optionally equipped with a clear cover, wave cover, or frosted cover.
2. Color temperature:
warm white (2700k-4000k)
natural white (4000k-5000k)
cool white (5000k-6500k)


TypeModelColorVoltagePower (W)Length (CM)Light Output (Lm)LED QTYPF
Clear coverHLD60-WW-9WWarm white110/220VAC
HLD60-NW-9WNatural white875
HLD60-CW-9WCold white895
HLD90-WW-12WWarm white12 90 1350120
HLD90-NW-12WNatural white1402
HLD90-CW-12W Cold white 1423
HLD120-WW-18WWarm white18W1202103192
HLD120-NW-18WNatural white2156
HLD120-CW-18WCold white2230
HLD150-WW-25WWarm white25W1503045240
HLD150-NW-25WNatural white3098
HLD150-CW-25WCold white3140
Wave CoverHLD60-WW-9WWarm white110/220VAC
HLD60-NW-9WNatural white872
HLD60-CW-9WCold white897
HLD90-WW-12WWarm white12 90 1362120
HLD90-NW-12WNatural white1408
HLD90-CW-12W Cold white 1468
HLD120-WW-18WWarm white18W1202110192
HLD120-NW-18WNatural white2168
HLD120-CW-18WCold white2215
HLD150-WW-25WWarm white25W1503056240
HLD150-NW-25WNatural white3101
HLD150-CW-25WCold white3156
Frosted coverHLD60-WW-9WWarm white110/220VAC
HLD60-NW-9WNatural white878
HLD60-CW-9WCold white901
HLD90-WW-12WWarm white12 90 1360120
HLD90-NW-12WNatural white1402
HLD90-CW-12W Cold white 1432
HLD120-WW-18WWarm white18W1202135192
HLD120-NW-18WNatural white2198
HLD120-CW-18WCold white2265
HLD150-WW-25WWarm white25W1503045240
HLD150-NW-25WNatural white3105
HLD150-CW-25WCold white

Customization is available.

Holan Lighting is a specialized LED tube light manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company also provides LED wall washer, tube in tube light, 200W high bay LED light, and LED street light, among others.

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