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1. The aluminum alloy light housing of the 200W high bay LED light comes with good corrosion resistance, as it undergoes anodic oxidization surface treatment.
2. The product uses multi-chip LEDs as the light source which comes with lifespan up to 50,000 hours and good luminous efficacy. Equipped with a temperature controlled switch, the light can effectively protect the light source and extend the service life. As compared with an fluorescent lamp, the LED high bay light can save up to 60% electricity energy, and is much more eco friendly.
3. The special heat sink helps assure good heat dissipation. Meanwhile, the lamp housing and the electrical components protective housing are separated, which guarantees un-affected heat dissipation as well.
4. The high bay LED light is safe and reliable to use, due to its wide working voltage, and the protective chain to prevent it from falling down when pendant mounted. The safety also comes from the special design for the connection wire outlet ends. The end design can effectively avoid damages to the wire caused by scratching, and can also assure dust and water proof functions.


Model No. Power Voltage Color Luminous Flux (lm)LED Brand CRI (Ra)Beam AnglePower Factor
HLD450 200W 110/220VAC 50/60Hz Warm white Natural white Cold white 20000 Epistar / Bridgelux ≥80 60/100 ° ≥0.9
430MM 500MM

With special structure design, the high bay LED light comes with good high temperature and vibration resistance, as well as simple assembly and disassembly. Equipped with rust resistant accessories, it is CE and RoHS certified. Up date, the product has found applications in factory warehouses, workshops, sports stadiums, gas stations, exhibition halls, and more. It is an ideal indoor lighting solution.

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