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1. Our LED high bay adopts imported chips and optimized LED encapsulation, to achieve low light attenuation and high lighting efficiency as well as energy efficiency.
2. It is equipped with electrical components from world famous brands, and uses newly developed structure to assure maximized heat dissipation. Its heat sinks use copper plates to ensure superior heat conduction, and use aluminum plates to assure better heat dissipation. These assure the maximized lifespan of the light.
3. To suit clients' application demands in different occasions, the product can be designed with an optional crystal optical lens with high light transmission rate to assure desired light distribution effect.
4. The light housing is made of light weight aluminum alloy material, or other optional materials according to customers' demands. The high quality material, coupled with special sealing technology and surface coating treatment, makes sure the LED high bay is corrosion resistant, and is competent for damp and high temperature as well as other harsh environments.
5. Using super bright LEDs as the light source, our high bay LED light can also be customized according to users' application requirements. It is compatible with pendant mounting and other different types of installation methods.

Our company is a professional LED high bay manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a vast array of products, including induction floodlight, induction street light, tube in tube light, induction ceiling light, and more.

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