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1. Our LED panel light adopts pure aluminum frame to achieve good thermal conduction and heat dissipation performance, thus ensuring long service life.
2. The light guide plate with high light transmission offers side light guiding, ensuring a uniform light distribution and soft light effect.
3. The light uses LED as light source which saves over 50% energy than conventional light sources. The new type ballast enables the lighting product to offer high power efficiency of 95%.
4. The LED panel light is equipped with overload protection and high temperature protection functions, so it is able to work in extreme conditions. It also has multistage dimming function. The LED light does not contain liquid mercury, so causing no harm to the environment.

Due to environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, and other features, the product is widely used for lighting in hotels, offices, factory workshops, schools, hospitals, and so on.

As a professional LED panel light manufacturer and supplier in China, we also offer induction lamp, LED street light, high bay induction light, induction floodlight, LED wall washer, and much more.

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